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Virtual Versions

Virtual Versions Technology

Our avatar creation technology is at the forefront of innovation, utilizing advanced generative AI algorithms to craft hyper-realistic and customizable digital identities. Our technology allows an individual to create a hyper-realistic version of themselves, within 20-90 seconds from a single photo using their mobile phone.
With our proprietary in-house software, users can effortlessly create their own Virtual Versions, tailored to their preferences and style. Our technology goes beyond simple customization, offering a seamless and interactive experience where users can fine-tune every aspect of their avatar's appearance, from facial features and clothing to gestures and expressions.
A 3D-ready technology with a mission to create the first avatar solution that interconnects all virtual worlds together and allows individuals to take ownership of their digital world, with their social media profile acting as the central hub and access point.
Creation Flow

Think Ready Player One.

ReadyPlayerOne - Avatar Reference
Entering the virtual world you are behind your character. At the base layer is you, your Virtual Version. That holds all your information, nfts, digital assets, land, and game assets in one place. As you move across different virtual worlds all of your identity moves with you and becomes interoperable across different virtual worlds.