In 2017, UNUS LABS was born with a mission: liberate people from being the product

Since then, Unus Labs has successfully completed a 7 figure self-funded R&D stage, has one of the largest metaverse-ready user bases in Web3, along with a pre-seed round that was 140% oversubscribed, and 15 LOIs completed with up to multi-billion ARR conglomerates to integrate VV technology, further demonstrate the potential of this innovative platform

The exclusive GENESIS NFT collection, happening under UNUS LABS, our parent company, is a one-of-a-kind milestone with lasting significance as our ecosystem expands.

The Genesis Pass represents an exclusive membership to unlock the secrets of the cybernetic world. While the mint takes place under UNUS LABS, which is our parent company. This will be the only ever collection to go live under its umbrella, making the collected extremely valuable for our long-term holders.

  • Stake to earn mechanics - Stake your Genesis Pass to earn juicy rewards in our native token.

  • Enjoy complimentary in-app subscriptions and dive into unparalleled customization options.


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