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VV Social

VV Social acts as the central hub for your avatar & digital-ID, Being the one place to create, manage and control your virtual self from one simple App.
Step into a new world of social media with VV Social - the first social media platform to use generative AI avatars to enhance your online experience. Our advanced in-house avatar creation technology allows you to create a Virtual Version of yourself, a unique digital identity that is fully customizable and interoperable to your preferences.
Our platform also offers the ability to interact with other users' avatars in a variety of ways, from virtual events, animated social posts, and games to creative collaborations. With our In-App NFT marketplace, we bring endless creativity and expression to our community.
We believe that your digital identity should be fully owned and controlled by you, which is why we have designed our platform to be completely decentralized. Your avatar and personal data are yours alone, and you can choose to share them with others on your terms, as well as monetize your data.
VV Social is prep work. Rome wasn’t built in a day. We are Facebook in 2008, but with the ability to scale like TikTok did in 2016. - Harrison Gwinnett, CEO
Join us on VV Social and discover a new way of socializing with like-minded individuals, all while expressing your unique identity through our cutting-edge generative AI avatar technology.